The Bit of Swank collaboration program provides merchandise from Bit of Swank in return for social media content tagging us, therefore bringing brand recognition to us and growth to our Social Media accounts, while providing you access to great fashions for free or greatly reduced prices. We have programs that provide a discount or credit for product, often referred to as a “gift”, in return for a post, reel, or story highlighting the gift.

Successful collaborations will highlight the clothing in your own unique style and will will have engagement (likes and comments). The post should not be selling the products, however, reviews and unboxing posts are acceptable.

We provide larger gifts for targeted and collaborated content that provides not only a post, but also assets (photos and/or video) licensed to us for our use on our site, marketing campaigns, or social media.

Successful collaborators that drive good engagement, high quality content, and even content that result in sales can qualify for additional collab gifting and even paid collabs. They can also qualify for affiliate programs where they can earn commissions on sales that they bring to us.

What we are looking for:

You can freely post whatever content you like. We prefer a Post, or Reel so that we can share/repost it on our platform.

  • Please tag @bitofswank in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or TikTok
  • If you add bitofswank as a collaborator on an Instagram post, we can track likes and comments and it helps us to see successful collaborators to earn you more gifts and affiliate status.
  • For TikTok, we may download and repost your videos on our profile, adding more exposure for you.
  • If we use your content on our accounts, we will tag your profile. Credit can also be given to the photographer if needed.
  • When we use your content on our website, we will add a link to your social media profile, unless specifically provided for Bit of Swank use.
  • You may request your content to be removed and personal information removed, as per our privacy policy.

Content Posting Timelines

Bit of Swank is an online clothing boutique that uses dropship suppliers in the US, China, and UK to supply and ship product. We carry boutique brands as well as some white label product. We also have some product from our boutique that we ship out. This means that your order may come in different packages, from different locations, separately at different times. With that said, unless there is a holiday period, we expect to get your complete order to you within about 2 weeks.  

We expect content to be posted within 2 weeks of receipt of the full outfit. If purchasing multiple outfits, you may spread your posts across week or more to provide balance and prevent spamming.

Featured Content

We like being able to show real world examples of how great our clothes are and how they look in real life away from the studio lights. While you are free to create social media content that matches your style and audience, you may request to have your content featured on our site specifically. We may also request this if your content is of the right quality and produces good interaction.

If you would like your content featured on our site, either in Product photos, Complete the Look feature, or our Shoppable Image feature, please refer to the following guidelines.


For photography of a product (Product Photos), we ask for:

  • Well lit photos with a neutral background
  • We ask for 3-6 photos to use or select from
  • Photos should feature the front, side, and back of the item.
  • The item should take up ¾ of the photo.
  • Do not use post processing filters that change colors or blur the image.
  • You may touch up blemishes.


For Photography of an outfit for use in our Features, we ask the following:

  • Please take a well-lit photo, high resolution, that shows 2 or more clothing items, shoes, and/or accessories together as an outfit.
  • More than one photo should be provided, preferably a frontal, back or side, and a sitting, squatting, or casual photo.
  • Any background is acceptable if it is tasteful and allows you to be selected as the subject of the photo.
  • Do not use any post processing filters. We will perform any post processing if needed for touch ups and to neutralize the background. We want the colors to be accurate and clothing detail as crisp as possible.


Complete the Look feature

For video content for use in the Complete the Look feature:

  • Video should show the full body from head to shoes, and you should take up ¾ or more of the video height.
  • You can pan top to bottom or vice versa, but you should zoom out to show the full outfit.
  • Video should show the outfit from the front, and then turning to one side or the other to show the side and back fit.
  • Try to have your body take up as much of the height of the video frame as possible.
  • Resolution should be 720p at minimum.
  • We can provide a cloud location to upload you content to.
  • It is also helpful to add some close-up clips of the features you feel are most important about the clothing or accessories.

Collaborator Program Levels

See Collab Program Levels



Any questions, content, or collaboration work can be sent to our email;