When Polina Ivanova graduated in Fashion Design she was excited to take an internship opportunity in Italy and learn from world leading designers. She worked side by side with exceptional professionals which was a dream come true but unfortunately soon she started to notice the other face of the industry. There were extremely vicious and misleading practices used even by the most famous and expensive brands and Polina wanted to strongly differentiate from all of it.

And so, in 2010 began the story of Polina Ivanova Atelier - a company where true couture and handmade is revived. In the first couple of years she was the one who did everything - from customer support to pattern making, sewing and embroidering, fabric sourcing and digital marketing. Then we slowly started to expand and today we are one of the most popular wedding brands on Etsy and we have two Atelier locations with the best seamstresses and pattern makers in the city.

Everything is made by hand with a great precision and attention to detail in the clean environment of our Ateliers.

All of our designs are created by Founder and Designer Polina Ivanova and then brought to live by our team of professional couture seamstresses. Each pattern is created from draft by our Modéliste ladies and then put through multiple checks before cutting the actual fabric. Each design passes through long process of developing to guarantee that it looks flattering on every figure and that it's 100% true to the measurements.