About The Upscale Banker

My name is Zachary Ingwaldson and I am the founder of The Upscale Banker. The Upscale Banker is a family owned and operated small business located just outside of Sacramento, California. My initial focus was to provide accessories at an affordable cost conveniently, and I’ll explain why later. If you’re anything like me, you don’t like to shop unless you must. I searched for and created quality, coordinated business attire to elevate first and last impressions for professionals. It has since expanded to much more. We genuinely appreciate you joining us on this journey. Please be patient with us as we grow together. Initially I was convinced to sell the sets for much more than I intended, and for that I apologize. The quality has not and will not change. Every box is sent out by yours truly and inspected thoroughly. My true passion is self-development and to help others do the same. I do not think suits and tailored accessories will get you a job or will earn you a certain type of success. I do think it can help put you in the right conversation, the right door to open, or career if used appropriately. It shows the attention to detail that is an essential factor for success regardless of how you define it.