In 2018, Thomas & Vine was launched just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. From day one, we've aimed to offer well-made, authentic leather shoes that strike a winning balance between sophistication and attractive pricing. Guided by the lifestyles of our customers, our collections include wide sizes, streetwear, work boots, and formal event looks. No matter your occasion, our in-house design team strives to create smart products that express style-savvy taste without reclining into the cliché.

What We Do

We believe innovation is triggered by pure curiosity. At Thomas & Vine, we believe that to interrupt the ordinary, you need to wear shoes that matter. Embrace comfort, luxury, and fashion when you step into shoes that are crafted by passionate individuals who believe in designing only noteworthy footwear. By experimenting with modern textiles and athletic materials, our contemporary signature looks have give the moment your feet hit the ground. You will feel the difference.


Echoing the values of our customers, we do everything in our power to be as sustainable, thoughtful, and efficient as possible. We've abandoned the wasteful box inside a box shipping method. Each and every Thomas & Vine order is shipped with minimal packaging made with 100% recycled materials because by lessening our carbon footprint and reducing waste, we can better serve our planet and the people who call it home.